QEW & QC Inspection

Our inspection group provides qualified representatives to support your company’s overhead or underground inspection needs for both transmission and distribution infrastructure. We possess a healthy mix of QEW and underground inspectors boasting vast experience supporting projects ranging from ordinary maintenance and new construction work to EV/Fleet electrification, generation, drone inspection, emergency restoration, and airborne patrols. We can scale to meet any inspection need.

– Crew Safety Overwatch
– Quality Assurance/Control
– Asset Inspection
– Drone Inspection
– Electrification Inspection
– Generator Inspection
– Fire Watch and Hardening
– Emergency Response
– Helicopter Airborne Patrol

Construction Management & Coordination

From the smallest project to your largest endeavor, Pro Energy Services has an experienced team that is equipped to handle every aspect of construction management. Pro Energy Services can assist with a wide range of work types and can integrate during any phase, including project inception, mobilization, active construction, and project settlement.

Field Coordination – Field services include Pre or Post construction pictures/video, pre-construction site inspection/documentation, customer/public contact, private property access, outage communication, posting of temporary No Parking signs, USA location identification, distribution of notices, underground structure inventory, and site restoration.

Project & Construction Coordination – Services include procurement and scheduling of third-party services, utility coordination for outages and substation switching, public relations/outreach, environmental coordination for site requirements (agency contact, survey/monitor scheduling, etc.), document controls, permit procurement, and preparation of maps and construction packages.

Project Management – Services include project planning, crew scheduling, dispatch of daily crew assignments, project completion and budget tracking, project forecasting, change orders, daily operations calls/reporting, reporting to stakeholders, development of project trackers and dashboards, and project closing and settlement. 

Traffic Control

Pro Energy provides a wide range of traffic control services as well as tremendous value supporting client project planning, work zone control, awareness, and project close-out. With engaged field supervision and a broad support team, our crews can quickly deploy to assist with any scheduled or emergency event. We are trained and equipped to ensure your on-site traffic safety needs.

– Flagging
– Road Closures
– Detours
– Rolling Stops
– 24/7 Emergency Response
– Special Event Traffic Control
– No-Parks
– Deployable Equipment
– Preconstruction Planning
– Permit Assistance

Civil Construction

Pro Energy Civil is a one-stop shop for comprehensive earthwork services, from groundbreaking to habitat restoration. We also provide SWPPP BMP installation, maintenance, and inspections, while servicing all other erosion control measures as well.

– Site Clearing and Grubbing
– Excavation, including Pole Holes
– Slope Stablization
– Structural and Retaining Walls
– Recontouring and Decompaction
– Rough and Final Grading
– Access Roads Construction and Maint.
– SWPPP BMPs Installation, Maint. and Removal
– SWPPP Inspection and Reporting
– Water Bar Construction
– McCarthy Drains
– Rip Rap
– Hydroseeding
– Straw Waddles
– Silt Fencing
– Drainages
– Hifiker Walls

Habitat Restoration & Vegetation Management

Pro Energy provides Habitat Restoration with a specialty in working in environmentally sensitive and challenging settings, including remote and hard-to-access locations. We pride ourselves in “first in, last out” service, from initial site clearing to habitat restoration and everything in between. We work closely with restoration ecologists to understand the seeding and seasonal requirements, then apply the restoration seeds in conjunction with other SWPPP final stabilization requirements.

We also provide Vegetation Management for utility structure brushing. Our team annually inspects, documents, and clears as needed (where environmentally approved and possible) select primary distribution and transmission poles and select sub-transmission towers in the High Fire Risk Areas and State Responsibility Areas.

– Vegetation ID, Removal and Temporary Placement
– Irrigation Installation
– Soil Amendments
– Plating
– Hydroseeding
– Weed Abatement
– Herbicide Application

Facilities & Materials Management

Our facilities and materials management team has experience with virtually every type of construction facility within the utility industry. Our facility services range from Initial construction of remote project sites to extended facility management of large long-term utility stores and everything in between. Our material and supply chain expertise includes every facet of material management and can integrate into existing projects or assist with new project planning and mobilization.

– Construction, Setup, Maintenance, and Salvage of: Project-Specific Sites, Construction Yards, Construction Offices, Central Distribution Yards, Crew/Material Staging Yards
– Material Procurement, Receiving and Staging
– Jobsite Material Delivery
– Land Siting and Procurement
– Helicopter Landing Zone Procurement, Prep., and Maintenance
– Dust Control and Abatement
– Site Security, Guard Services, and Wifi Camera Systems
– Sanitation Services
– Hazardous Materials Containment
– Construction Debris and Waste Management

Technical & Professional Support

Pro Energy offers diverse and adaptable professional services across many areas of the electrical utility industry, including project support, long-term contract support, staff augmentation, direct utility support, and off-site technical development. Our team of office managers, technical assistants/analysts, data specialists, and I.T. developers pride themselves on their ability to adapt and excel when facing the wide variety of challenges within our industry. Pro Energy can provide experienced support teams for the most basic of administrative needs but also offers full development of comprehensive data/technical solutions utilizing a broad range of platforms and software.

– Technical Office Management
– Technical Assistants/Analyst Support
– Administrative/Clerical Support
– Document Controls
– Data Entry and Data Management
– Project Tracking and Reporting
– Work Flow Management
– Onsite Office Support
– Travel Coordination and Logistics
– IT Development and Platforms

Supplier of Tools & Equipment

Pro Energy DBA Pro Tool is a distributor of high quality affordable FR gear, safety products and utility tools. Industries served include:

– Electrical Contractors
– Construction Contractors
– Safety Companies
– Traffic Control Contractors
– Law Enforcement
and More!